Certificate In Machine Learning

Kaygen presents: CollibraConnect for Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Product DemonstrationMachine learning is changing our world within profound and fundamental ways. We can already see the results in improvements such as customized online recommendations, talk recognition, predictive policing and scams detection. Future applications are restricted only by the imagination.

In this particular three-course certificate program, we’ll analyze all aspects of machine learning. You’ll study the probability concepts plus statistical methods that are at the core associated with machine learning algorithms. We’ll furthermore practice ways to apply these strategies, using open-source tools â€? together with your developing judgment and intuition â€? to address actual business needs plus real-world challenges.


Software programmers, statisticians, experienced applied mathematicians and data scientists who want to turn out to be machine learning specialists.

See Requirements



There are a variety types of applicants who apply to this system. For those who don’t qualify in an of the below categories, you may think about applying to the Certificate in Data Science.

Software Programmers

– Mastery of a high-level programming language for example Java, C, C++ or Python (can be demonstrated by 3 years of recent professional programming encounter or equivalent personal projects)
— Completed undergraduate mathematics courses within linear algebra, calculus and possibility
– Thorough knowledge of statistics (can be satisfied by completing the particular Foundations of Statistics course)

Note: Your resume will be examined for proficiency in production-level development dealing with large data sets plus advanced programming concepts � make sure it reflects these skills. After you apply, you may be asked in order to consult with the program manager to see in case you meet admission requirements.

Statisticians plus Applied Mathematicians

Applicants must have:

— Three years of work experience like a statistician, data scientist or used mathematician
– An undergraduate or even graduate degree in statistics, information science or applied math

Certificate in Data Science Graduates

All graduates of our Certificate in Data Science program are automatically recognized. Students who successfully completed the particular Data Science: Machine Learning Techniques course prior to spring 2018 may also be accepted.

English Proficiency

If you aren’t a native English speaker, you’ll need to have at least basic English vocabulary skills to enroll. To learn more, observe English Language Proficiency Requirements.

International Students

International students are thanks for visiting apply to an online offering of this system, which doesn’t require a visa. To enroll in a classroom offering, you’ll want a visa that permits study within the United States. This program will not enable students to obtain or preserve F-1 visa status. For more details, see Admission Requirements for International Students.

Technology Requirements

You should have access to a computer, and we recommend the high-speed internet connection.

Earning the Certificate

You earn the certificate simply by successfully completing all required classes. For more information, see Completing Your Program.


— Essential concepts of statistical studies, probability, mathematical modeling and optimisation techniques
– Supervised and unsupervised learning models for tasks for example forecasting, predicting and outlier recognition
– Advanced machine learning apps, including recommendation systems and organic language processing
– Deep understanding concepts and applications
– How to identify, source and prepare natural data for analysis and modeling


– Work with open source tools for example RStudio, scikit-learn and Weka
— Develop solutions to real-world machine understanding problems

Choose the Right Format for You

This certificate system is part of Career Accelerator, that provides a variety of flexible learning formats on the web and in the classroom. Our new self-paced online option begins in drop 2018 for this program.


You may be eligible to obtain an UWPCE Certificate Scholarship to cover the expense of this program. Scholarships are awarded depending on financial need and the potential from the program to positively impact your job. See the scholarship page regarding eligibility information and application {instructions|guidel

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