Cross-Platform Hybrid Mobile Application Development – A Tool Comparison

The basic premise of hybrid strategy is that you can have your cake plus eat it to. In this method you use the browser control and create the shell application which is then utilized to render HTML pages. Since the majority of the popular phone browsers are Webkit based (Microsoft is an exception), they may be expected to have similar behavior causing you to task simpler.

To access the particular native features of the handset, you should create APIs in the shell software which can be invoked through JavaScript code. The tools and frameworks are required to provide the shell applications as well as the APIs for different platforms.

At minimum that is what the theory says.

In practice there are several issues that have to be looked into.

– There are variations between the browser and the browser manage. Their behavior is not identical. Normally, browser controls lag behind and they are buggier.
– Especially for iPhone, there is a chance that hybrid programs may get rejected by App Store.
– For the current versions, overall performance issues have been reported.
– It takes lot of effort to make the cross application look and feel like a native software and that is additional effort for each system – this negated the original worth proposition.
– HTML5 have already began providing access to several native functions and we can expect it to become a lot more comprehensive.

Finally, hybrid application eliminates the differentiation between different systems. So, why would either Apple or Google be interested in promoting this,

As I have mentioned earlier (here it is), there are five methods to cross platform mobile application advancement and many tools are available under every category. They are:

(1) Mobile Web (JavaScript-CSS library), (see this)

(2) Visual Tool (No entry to Code), (see this)

(3) App Generator (Native application for several platforms), (see this)

(4) Hybrid App (Leverages embedded browser control) and

(5) Game Builder (see this)

Here are 5 cross tools – the ordering is usually alphabetic.

1. App Mobi

— Home page: Link
– Genesis: App mobi generates revenue through cloud based services and give the various tools free
– Version: 3. four. 0
– Licensing: Free
— Download: Link
– Documentation: JavaScript API Reference, Web Service API Reference
– Sample application: List, Tutorial
– Implementation: List
— Wikipedia: No
– Additional: Wikimobidex
– Article on how to use: Learn html5 Game Dev, appMobi XDK Detailed Tour

2. NS Basic

– Home page: Link
— Genesis: Creator of development equipment for handheld devices since 1993
– Version: 2 . 0. one
– Licensing: Paid only
— Download: only demo version obtainable
– Documentation: Tutorial
– Sample application: How to
– Implementation: Quotes from user
– Wikipedia: Link
– Additional: Tech Notes
– Article on how to use: By Nick Antonaccio

3. Phone Gap

– Home page: Link
— Genesis: Adobe acquires Nitobi that is the company behind PhoneGap
– Version: 1 . 4. 1
– Licensing: Modified BSD or MIT
— Download: Available on home page
— Documentation: API Reference
– Sample application: Getting Started
– Implementation: Case Studies
– Wikipedia: Link
– Additional: Using Phone Gap which other tools
– Article on how to use: Net magazine, Oâ€? ***************************************************************) Radar

4. Quick Connect

– Home page: Link
— Genesis: Started as a tool regarding iPhone
– Version: 2 . 1 ) 2
– Licensing: MIT
— Download: Link
– Documentation: Hybrid API
– Sample application:,
— Implementation:,
– Wikipedia: No
— Additional: Blog
– Article approach use: PB Works

5. Worklight

– Home page: Link
— Genesis: IBM has acquired Worklight
– Version: 5. 0
– Licensing: Free 30 day trial
– Download: Link
– Documentation: List
– Sample application: Getting Started
– Implementation: –
— Wikipedia: No
– Additional: Video Demo
– Article on how to make use of: –

Do let me know if you will find any errors and omissions within the details I have provided.

JavaScript Libraries to go with your Hybrid software

If you are looking for lightweight JavaScript your local library to help you develop your hybrid programs, then do check this site out there.

This site lists out web host of useful lightweight JS frameworks. I did not have the patience in order to count but the number more than 160. The site also allows you to filtration system the list using one of the 30 detailed categories

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