Master Of Digital Sciences

infographic, data science jobsThe Master of Digital Sciences (MDS) degree is a professional master’s plan for graduates from a wide range of experience that is designed to augment the student’s set of skills and open the door to brand new career opportunities.

A Bachelor’s diploma in Digital Sciences is not necessary for admission, and students may type in the fall or spring term. For additional admission information, notice Graduate Admission and Graduate Admission for International Students (if applicable).

Degree Overview

The Master associated with Digital Sciences degree program needs a minimum of 32 credit hours associated with graduate-level coursework including:

– 9-10 credits of major requirements,
— 9-10 credits of concentration needs,
– 7-8 credits of approved electives in the digital sciences or even related programs, and
– six credits of Thesis or Capstone plus electives.

No more than 18 credits may be taken from anybody subject area other than DSCI.


Five concentrations are customized with courses in Digital Sciences and related areas to provide particular skill sets:

– The Digital Systems Software Development concentration concentrates on the software applications needed by a business and the design and maintenance of software program systems that are aligned with the objectives of the business.
– The Digital Systems Telecommunication Networks concentration concentrates on the communication infrastructure needed simply by an organization and the design and administration of a telecommunication system and personal computer network to meet those needs.
– The Data Science concentration concentrates on the data analysis and modeling required by an organization and the processing associated with structured, semi-structured, and unstructured information using statistical and semantic evaluation techniques to meet those needs.
— The Enterprise Architecture concentration concentrates on the business goals, processes, and technologies infrastructure needed by an organization as well as the alignment of the processes and facilities with the goals of the business.
— The Digital Systems Management focus focuses on the technical leadership required by an organization and the management info services in a rapidly changing worldwide economy.
– The Digital Systems Training Technology concentration focuses on the particular educational applications needed by a business and the design and management associated with instructional systems to meet those requirements.

Online or In-Classroom,

The required courses for the Enterprise Architecture, Data Science, and Digital Systems Training Technology concentrations are generally shipped in an online format, and it is achievable to complete these degrees online using a judicious choice of electives. Many from the courses are also delivered in an in-classroom format, so it is also possible to finish these degrees on campu

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