Master Of Science In Artificial Intelligence

Android 4.0 home screenOver the past ten years, we’ve seen dramatic progress in the increase of artificial intelligence and in the use in the development of systems that can cause and respond to increasingly complex circumstances. Quite simply, AI is almost everywhere and the change brought about by these technology has just begun. As AI movements from idea to implementation, it really is clear that future intelligent techniques will be designed to partner with, rather than change or even augment, human users.

Stemming from this growth in artificial cleverness technology is an increasing demand for those who can create AI systems embedded within practical settings that function together with and in conjunction with human beings.

Drawing on Northwestern Engineering’s whole-brain viewpoint and leadership in cognitive technology, the Master of Science within Artificial Intelligence program aims in order to serve this demand by generating students who have exceptional technical abilities and also understand the nature of the human being environments in which the systems they create will be deployed. Our goal would be to educate and train students in every aspects of how the emerging technologies associated with machine intelligence can be designed plus deployed to interact and incorporate with human partners.

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Quick Facts

Degree Name

Master associated with Science in Artificial Intelligence


15 months (5-quarters), full-time, on-campus

Start Date


Course Structure

Four quarters of coursework (with industry interaction) and summer internship program

Class size

First yr of program: 10-15-student cohort; following years: 40-student cohort

Program features

– Coursework in core AI as well as in HCI and human being cognition
– Focus on effect and integration that reach over and above the theory
– Independent study task with faculty mentors
– 3-month external internship or work in Northwestern AI lab
– Capstone task working with industry partners


Evanston campus


Tuition and financing information

Application opens

September one

Application deadline

February 15 (preferred); April 30 (final)

Student Profile

The program is for ambitious college students who seek to become architects associated with intelligent systems as well as developers. With each cohort, the program strives to collect a diverse group of talented college students in a creative and collaborative atmosphere. The students in this program get ready to become hands-on thought leaders and therefore are excited about building new AI items that can be embedded in human workflows. Our students focus on having an useful and transformational impact on the industrial sectors they serve. Prospective students must have a BA/BS in computer technology or a related field, an existing understanding of coding, and preferrably at least 2 yrs of work experience in an associated field.

Why Northwestern,

Engineering at Northwestern focuses on the effect of the ideas and technologies all of us develop. Our philosophy of whole-brain engineering reaches beyond technical superiority of engineering to its capability to transform society. The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence embodies this dedication to effect, integration, and whole-brain engineering. Northwestern’s MSAI goes beyond the technology of AI to look at the problems on earth that AI seeks to solve, generating powerful AI systems integrated into workflows, business, and human interactions.

The program features the following:

: A rigorous study of the equipment and techniques of AI
: An exploration of the psychology associated with human interaction with intelligent techniques and design implications
– The view into the ways that business requirements and workflow impact how smart systems are deployed
– Industry access, including a capstone task and an internship with a top company
– Full-time, small cohort
Customized curriculum that combines CS, business, psychology, and design schoolwork
Tenured faculty from the McCormick School of Engineering, the Kellogg School of Management, and the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Career Opportunities

Companies specializing in professional providers and research institutions face quantities of data that cannot be resolved manually. These companies and organizations need intelligent tools that exceed simple analytics and allow users plus researchers to interact with and discover their data.

A recent poll discovered that globally, 84% of businesses see AI as “essential” in order to competitiveness, while 50% see the technologies as “transformative.” However, despite the obvious demand for AI products and workflows, other reports show a significant lack of talent to fill opportunities related to artificial intelligence.

The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence will not simply prepare you for people careers. Through internships and capstone projects, this program will also help link you with companies and organizations who are industry leaders

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