What’s A Defense Consulting Company Doing In Sports,

An Astonishing Agglomeration of Robots and Artificial Intelligence #infographic #Technology #EntertainmentThe change of traditional print media as well as the growing intelligence behind monetization methods.

Cognitive computing for automating consumer knowledge
How to automatically give a clear means to make the most of your company’s proprietary data.

Building human attention into artificial intelligence
How neuro-dynamic programming enables smart machines to consider ahead.

Predictive Analytics � Reinventing industries: predictive game-changer

Healthcare Analytics
Predicting patient experience with narrative information: a healthcare goldmine

Networks vs. fraud: Connecting the dots
Well-constructed analytical models useful in thwarting criminals who often collaborate, thus creating complex but revealing patterns associated with behavior.

Internet of Things analytics
Welcome to the ‘We Economy’: Finding the company in your data.

Corporate Profile â€? SAS: Where it’s already been and where it’s headed

Human Resources: Key skills for analytics pros
“People analytics” teams now originate from highly trained backgrounds looking to employ synthetic tools

Executive Edge: Machine learning unleashes big data potential
The art of putting fragmented, usually disconnected data sources together to create actionable insights for the enterprise.

Goal-driven analytics
Big data needs superior analytics, but analytics does not need huge data.

Healthcare Analytics: Rise of the empowered patient consumer — courtesy of analytics

Predictive Analytics � Most swans are white: Living in a predictive society

Adventures In Consulting
What’s a defense contacting company doing in sports,

Analytics in the oilfield
Properly deployed, predictive and other forms of advanced analytics may yield crucial insights for pursuit and production companies.

Predictive analytics in the cloud
Ability to deliver RETURN ON INVESTMENT solutions more cost-effectively is generating cloud deployment.

Executive Edge: How analytics will drive the future

Population health management and medicine adherence
Apply predictive analytics to deal with population health management and medicine adherence problems.

Predictive Analytics: The privacy pickle
Hewlett-Packard’s prediction associated with employee behavior.

Analyze This! A tale of two textbooks on decision-making

Analytics Power Player
PAW founder Eric Siegel talks about the power of predictive analytics, personal privacy issues, his new book and exactly what the future may hold for analytics professionals and consumers.

Predictive analytics: Harnessing the power of big data

How to pick a business partner
Ten things to consider when evaluating analytics plus decision sciences partners.

Decision Analysis
Survey highlights new features plus trends, but the relationship between technologies and thoughtful analysis remains necessary to the success of any software tool.

Executive Edge: The times they are a changin� for advanced analytics
Statistical modelers urged to embrace machine studying, open-source tools for the road forward.

Executive Edge: What predictive analytics “is not”

Driving profitability with store analytics
How to make choices plus investments that deliver on anticipations.

Analytics & the future of healthcare
Market-driven reform already shifting emphasis through volume to value as business leaders weigh in on what’s next.

Analytical integration in health care
Healthcare organizations need to finish applying basic transaction data systems.

Predictive analytics: saving lives and reducing medical bills
Non-adherence to medicine prescriptions is a health epidemic within the United States.

Images & video clips: really big data
Sizing in the potential impact of prescriptive analytics driven by proliferation of pictures and video.

Successfully operationalizing analytics
A repeatable, efficient process for producing and effectively deploying predictive discursive models into production.

Beyond ‘Moneyball’: The rapidly evolving world associated with sports analytics
Professional baseball and basketball teams are leading the particular pack of sports organizations which are embracing analytics.

Sports analytics, Part 2
The role of predictive analytics, organizational structures and details systems in professional sports.

Executive Edge: The interactive nature associated with analytics

Predictive Analytics: TV advertisements, Wanamaker’s dilemma & analytics
The journey from historical rankings to predictive decisions: A suggested evolution for buyers and retailers of television advertising.

Corporate Profile: McDonald’s Corp.
From the biggest towards the best: Innovation, analytics play important roles as world’s largest {restaurant|cafe|eating pl

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